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Protection! Because Your Personal and Business Vehicles Are Valuable and Your Family is Priceless!


Haas GPS is a manufacturer of GPS tracking hardware and a provider of GPS tracking services based on an annual subscription.   Personal Tracker clients are asked to please click on Register Vehicle (above) and read the Haas GPS Client Agreement before enrolling.

Your cars are an expensive investment, and your family’s welfare is priceless.  Ease your concerns now. Haas GPS and the Text-N-Track™ H1000 for GPS tracking enables you to “see” where your family and vehicles are at this very minute. On this easy-to-use web site, your initial registration and annual subscription renewal, gives you access to your own password protected Control Station with unlimited monitoring and messaging.  You can also send text message commands to your car by cell phone.  You can configure your tracker’s operation to your preferences, send commands, receive information, renew your subscription, and download reports. Current reports are held for 90 days.

Haas GPS Telematics enable commercial enterprises to obtain data for better fleet management decisions that were once thought too expensive.  By designing its system to address the requirements of small to medium fleets, Haas makes it possible for you to pay for everything you need, and nothing of what you don’t.  You get to know more for less. The H1400 model enables companies to utilize their password protected Control Station to locate all cars and trucks on a single map. Free continuing training for dispatchers enables them to configure speed, geographic, and hours of operation parameters. You can list up to 99 job sites, be alerted to run down batteries, and be notified of maintenance due. New for 2009, we introduce our model H1410-RTS (Remote Temperature Sensor) to monitor refrigerated trailers and vans, and our model H1420-WPS (Water Pump Sensor) to govern and report on irrigation pumps. For a full description of all of our business trackers: CLICK HERE

Haas GPS Trackers offer an effective theft loss deterrent.  Families can get teen drivers off to a good start on their driving behavior.  Businesses can verify their drivers’ time cards and trip logs.  Connect your vehicles for the Information Age.

HAAS GPS: Know the facts. Make informed decisions.

If your car is stolen, don’t just file a report. Tell the police exactly where to find your vehicle.

If you are the parent of teen drivers, you can track their speed, where they’ve been, and where they are right now!

If you are the child of an elderly driver of diminished capacity, perhaps an Alzheimer’s sufferer, wouldn’t it be great to know his or her whereabouts on the road?

If you want to save on your insurance, many companies offer discounts on the comprehensive premium for GPS tracker equipped vehicles.  Check with your carrier for a theft deterrent insurance discount.

If you employ drivers, make sure the fuel they use is for the benefit of your business. Is your equipment wandering off to ‘no income’ side jobs? If you prevent a single case of a fraudulent overtime claim, you can pay for two months of monitoring service.

If you tell your drivers to travel at safe, fuel conserving speeds, avoid unnecessary idling, and route trips efficiently, the best way to know they are complying is with a Haas GPS Tracker. Studies show that GPS equipped fleets save enough money to pay for the hardware and service in the first year of deployment.
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