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The Fully Loaded Tracker For Drivers of High Line Vehicles Text-N-Track H1000


The Haas GPS Text-N-TrackTM H1000 Personal Tracker is suitable for your private vehicles from your exotic sports car, to your family cars, SUVs, and trucks. Listed below are some of the features you get when you purchase our Text-N-Track H1000 GPS system.

Standard Features:
• Get real-time alerts on your cell phone or computer if your vehicle is stolen or towed
• Locate your vehicle in real-time on your cell phone or computer
• Set a speed limit for each vehicle, and be notified if the limit is violated
• Establish personalized points-of-interest, and be notified if your vehicle arrives at and/or leaves any of those locations
• Set geographic boundaries for your vehicle and be notified of violations
• Set curfew hours for your vehicle, and be notified if curfew is violated
• If your vehicle's battery starts to run down, you will receive a warning message
• The tracker's built-in emergency backup battery, charged by the vehicle's alternator, takes over when needed
• Enter your vehicle's regular maintenance schedule, and the tracker will remind you when maintenance is due (for example, change oil
 every 3000 miles, rotate and balance tires every 7500 miles)

Optional features* include:

Remote Door Lock/Unlock can be activated using your cell phone text message feature or e-mails from your personal computer. You won't be locked out of your car again. If in your rush from the parking lot to catch a flight you can’t remember if you locked your car, a text message from your cell phone locks your car and puts your mind at rest.

Car-Finder: Using your cell phone text messaging or your control station accessible through any browser, you can command your vehicle to flash its lights and sound its horn to assist you in finding your car in a large parking lot such as a sports stadium or the shopping mall.

Starter Interrupt enables you to prevent unauthorized use of your vehicle. Send one text message command to interrupt the starter: a second command “toggles” back to the original status.

Heightened Security: The Haas GPS Tracker sends a text message to your designated cell phone and an e-mail to your control station if your car alarm is triggered. This will alert you to thieves who intentionally trip the alarm to see if anyone reacts.

*Optional features may require additional parts and/or labor.  Options are not available on all cars.  Please check the availability for your specific make and model.

Frequently Asked Questions for Haas GPS Text-N-Track H1000:

Questions: Answers:
Q1: Do I have to have a separate cell phone account for my tracking unit, like OnStar™? A1: No, Haas GPS provides a complete service including the tracker, software and network connectivity to the tracker. All you need is a PC with an Internet connection and a vehicle to track.
Q2: What information must I provide for the installation of my tracking unit? A2: Vehicle make, year, model, VIN, your name, address, e-mail address, phone and cell phone number.
Q3: How much will subscription service cost? A3: Haas GPS has several plans to suit your needs. With a carefully chosen plan, you will have a low annual tracking fee. Contact your dealer or Haas GPS.
Q4: Can I use anyone’s cell phone to contact or be contacted by my unit? A4: No, only those cell phones that are registered in the configuration page of your personal web site have control and alert privileges.
Q5: How easy is it to change which cell phones and e-mail accounts have access to my secure web site? A5: Log onto your personal web site, go to the configuration page, change the contact information at the bottom of the page, and click on “submit” to make changes.
Q6: I  don’t  want  my driver(s)  to  be aware of the Haas GPS  tracker  in  the car.  Can I install it and track without my driver(s) knowing? A6: Yes, a good installation is virtually undetectable. On the other hand, a tracker may have a positive effect on the behavior of teen drivers if they are aware of its installation.
Q7: Do I have to own a computer in order to monitor or receive messages from my car? A7: No. Any computer you can access, whether your employer’s, a friend’s, or your public library’s will work with your Client ID and password. You will need a
registered cell phone to text commands to your vehicle and receive text messages your GPS initiates.
Q8: How long does it take to install the tracking unit in my vehicle? A8: That depends on the type of vehicle you have and it’s wiring layout.  Most basic installations require 20 to 45 minutes. When you add more functions, such as door unlocking, horn and light activation, etc. it requires more time.
Q9: Why shouldn't’ I do the installation myself? A9: Having automotive electronics experience and car knowledge is necessary, thus professional installation is best.
Q10: What if my driver(s) speeds or goes outside the geofence and I’m not at my computer? A10: You can receive alerts from your cell phone showing the vehicle’s location. For speeding, it will indicate the speed. For violating a geofence, it will give location, time of day, and speed.
Q11: Will the tracking product void my vehicle’s warranty? A11: Professional installation of the tracking product will insure years of service.  It does not violate new car warranties.  Reference the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act of 1975 for details.
For addition questions, you can always e-mail or telephone the Haas GPS offices in Culver City, California. Please be mindful of our Pacific Time hours of operation.  If you find leaving a voice mail for us is necessary, you can expect a prompt response.
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