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Haas GPS
5774 Uplander Way
Culver City, CA 90230

866-524-4227 (866-524-HAAS)

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866-524-4227 (866-524-HAAS)


About Us
Haas GPS traces its involvement in vehicle tracking back to 1991. The company quickly became a nationally ranked leading dealer. Founder and CEO, Jeff Haas, soon realized that for the high performance and key features to meet the criteria he had in mind, he would have to start his own brand. Today, from its 17,000 square feet facility in southern California, commercial fleet tracking receivers, and personal vehicle trackers are sold across the United States.

Business Trackers
Businesses can have the fleet operation efficiencies of GPS tracking without paying for expensive features you don’t need. The big tracking suppliers have a big overhead. They must get you to make a major commitment, sign contracts, purchase software, and even hire personnel in order to justify the charges you will incur.

Haas Business trackers and the monitoring and messaging control stations available through this web site are geared to small and medium fleets. In the trucking industry, that’s generally regarded as less than 100 vehicles. If you do not want to compete for the attention of a tracking provider who also services the mega-fleets of the Fortune 1000, Haas GPS is a better match for you.

With Haas GPS there’s no software to buy, install, and maintain. You access your control station by logging-on at www.HaasGPS.com from any browser.  You can configure your location intervals to five, ten, or fifteen minutes. Do you really need the expense of continuous tracking? You still get to list 99 job sites (or points of interest), alerts for speed, geofence, and curfew alerts, a listing of two cell phones to receive text message alerts, and maintenance due and low battery alerts, and a tally of idling minutes.

Best of all, Haas GPS has a low-priced monitoring and messaging service. And, there are no games and no calculating. You can’t run-out of message units. Your low annual subscription is for unlimited pings.

If your business would benefit from intense customer service and a concern that proves you are an important client, Haas GPS is good for you.

Personal Trackers
For individuals interested in personal trackers, Haas GPS put a lot of thought into making the system work well for you.

Many GPS trackers can send a text alert to your cell phone. Haas GPS Text-N-Track H1000 is one of the few devices enabling you to send remote control commands from your cell phone through text messages to your car. This enables anti-theft and convenience features when you don’t have access to a personal computer.

With Haas, a single, reasonable annual fee provides you with unlimited monitoring and messaging. Some competitors sell you measured numbers of communication units. Over time, you could run up a big bill, or curtail your use to avoid that bill. You never have to worry about running out of Haas GPS commands at the wrong time.

It’s sad but true; many people are short-changed by electronic systems that are too difficult to master. The Haas GPS web site is intuitive and easy-to use. If you ever feel you are not getting the full benefit of your system, give us a call and we will walk you through.

At Haas GPS, our goal is to bring you complete satisfaction by exceeding your expectations.

Jeff Haas, President, Haas GPS
Jeff Haas, CEO, Haas GPS
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